Terms & Conditions

General Conditions:
The Participant acknowledges and is aware that membership in Mowj Al Hilal Program is for the benefit of one person only, and undertakes to use it by himself and shall not allow any third party to use it in any manner.

Almaswlyah Alkubra Advertising Agency shall not be responsible for violations that may be committed by partners. Violation related complaints may be e-mailed to feedback@mowj.sa The Company will investigate and reply in due course.

The Participant represents that the information given in the membership application are true and correct. If any such information prove to be false or incorrect, the Company shall have the right to terminate or suspend membership until the information are corrected.

Except for the foregoing, membership terms and conditions shall be applicable on all partners upon using membership.

Almaswlyah Alkubra Advertising Agency sends offers to participants. If you do not follow such policy, the Company may not guarantee delivery of offers to you regularly (uninterrupted access to the application that activates Bluetooth, ...........).

Terms and Conditions of Mowj Al Hilal Program
The following terms and conditions are the basis of Mowj Al Hilal Program which is owned and managed by the Almaswlyah Alkubra Advertising Agency. These terms and conditions set out how the Program points can be collected and used, and govern other aspects of the Program.

Enrollment in, and/ or using or taking advantage of any of the benefits or awards offered under the Program shall be considered as acceptance of these terms and conditions. Members of the Program must read and understand these terms and conditions carefully.

These terms and conditions shall be effective as of the date of publication and shall apply strictly throughout membership period. The Company may in its sole discretion amend these terms and conditions and will communicate any such amendments through Mowj.sa website.

Program Overview
"Mowj Al Hilal" is a program of loyalty to Saudi Al Hilal Club specifically designed to reward the loyal Club fans who are enrolled in the program by offering them a range of benefits through the Club's facilities and installations, or other benefits offered by the program provided by local and international corporate members, including a variety of international names of all areas of interest to subscribers. Program participants may enjoy a range of offers, discounts, free purchase vouchers which can be used at many partner shops.

All members of the Program are eligible to take advantage of offers and discounts, according to membership class in, subject to the Company's agreement with Program partners.

Membership Classes
There are five classes membership which entail different annual subscription fee payable by the member, namely.

Blue Plus

Membership Term
The term of membership is one Gregorian year starting from the date of payment of the membership fee. The Company disclaims any responsibility in connection with the Program once it is undertaken by another operator.

Switching between Membership Classes
Members of the Program may upgrade membership to higher class subject to prior approval of the Company and payment of applicable fees for the higher membership category.

Suspension or Termination of Membership
Once approved, membership may not be suspended, revoked or assigned to any other member or third party.

Personal Information
The member must notify the Company of any changes in his personal information, such as mobile phone number, address etc.

The Company shall be responsible for the loss of membership card due to failure to update personal data. Personal profile may be updated through www.mowj.sa website.

By participating in the Program, you expressly the Company to collect your personal information:

Type of personality
Full name
City of residence
Date of Birth
E-mail address
Mobile number

These information will be used by the Company to operate the Program in order to enable participants to take advantage of the Program benefits, including, but not limited to:

Understand and consider your interests.

Keep you posted on the Program promotional sales and offers.

The company shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by you. However, to amend or delete any of your information, please contact the Service Center or visit the Program website.

If the member is involved in any violation of fraud, abuse or any suspicious activity, his membership will suspended or terminated with immediate effect. In such event, the Company shall have the right to take any necessary legal action against. In addition, the guilty member shall be responsible for any losses that may be incurred by the Company, including damage and litigation costs in connection therewith.

if the membership is used by any person other than the owner, the Company have the right to suspend the membership without compensation and claim remedy for damages.

Updating Terms and Conditions
The Company may cancel or change the Program's terms and conditions without any liability whatsoever to Program members.

To obtain the latest update of the Program's terms and conditions, members should visit the Program website: www.mowj.sa

The could be no guarantee by the Company that these services will be provided continuously without any interruption. The Company shall not be held liable for any system operational errors that may occur while providing any service to the member. However, the Company will make its reasonable effort to repair any system errors or failure.

The Company reserves the right to terminate membership at any time in the event of any violation by the member of these terms and conditions. Membership will also be terminated in the In the event of death of the Program member.

The Company reserves the right to decline any refund of membership fee.

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights in the Program, including such rights that related to or associated with logo. Any unauthorized use of the same or similar trade brand or trademark is strictly prohibited by law. In the event of any unauthorized use of any such intellectual property, the Company shall have the right to take appropriate action to claim reimbursement of all costs incurred by it, including, but not limited to, court fees, legal fees, damages, losses etc.

Each member agrees and undertakes to use of the Program and this page subject to these terms and conditions and that once he is enrolled as a member of the Program, he will be deemed to have accepted them.

Each member represents that this page is available "as is" and may contain errors, contradictions, flaws, inaccuracies and may not be complete and / or current.

Each participant in the Program shall be responsible for any risks that may result from his participation. Al Hilal Saudi Club and the Program accept no liability or responsibility for any damages, losses, costs that may be incurred by any member, directly or indirectly, as a result of using this page or joining the Program.

These terms and conditions shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Saudi Arabia. Any dispute that may arise between the parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Contests and Withdrawals Rules:

  • All Al-Hilal FC fans are entitled to participate in this campaign
  • Winners will be announced on the Mowj Alhilal website or Social channels or through Emails.
  • If the participant wins one of the weekly prizes, his name is automatically withheld from the rest of the withdrawals of the same prize category with the participation points being counted.
  • The participant may win more than one non-major daily prize.
  • The winners will be contacted via their emails at Mowj Al-Hilal website within one week of the end of the campaign.
  • Receipt of the prizes shall take place two weeks after the end of the campaign at Alhilal Club in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • The winner's right to receive the prize falls within two months of contact to Claim prize, And one month of unresponsive by the price committee.
  • This competition is subject to the general conditions Saudi Arabia.
  • The winner will receive an alternative prize of the same value if the prize is not available.
  • The prizes shall be received in person or by the Officially authorized person and Official ID is required to claim prize.
  • Mowj Al-Hilal has the right to take a picture of the winner upon handing the prize and/or Broadcast any information through Mowj Alhilal Official channels. In case of disinterest, the right of the winner to receive or claim the award shall be waived.
  • Alhilal Club or Mowj Al-Hilal employees and their families are not entitled to participate in this competition.
  • The use of any programming or mechanism that allows repetition of the rotation for withdrawals is prohibited.
  • Upon discovery of any breach of these Terms by the Subscriber or the Winner, he / she shall be excluded from the Contest and requested to refund or pay for the prize amount awarded.
  • Mowj Al-Hilal have the right to modify or change these terms as they see fit with acknowledgment of updating it through the official website Mowj.sa.

All rights and terms and conditions are the property of the Company and may not be used without prior permission from the Company.

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