Membership Cards

MOWJ application has an idea about keeping fans close to Hilal Club. It presents to you, 4 card categories that offer a wider world of options and privileges, so that your closeness to Al Hilal becomes a fun and beneficial experience that surpasses the limits of the field and reaches the world.

Membership card
Mobile application
Mouj offers and discounts
Rewards and gifts
Special discount from the Hilal store
Enter Hilal Club facilities
Annual Hilal calendar and history of achievements
Attend practice
Official Hilal set
Enter the draw
Enter the draw
Membership card owner receives a special set in his name signed by the players
Visit the Hilal museum
With a companion
With companions
Photo with Hilal cups
Signature podium for players
Enter the draw
Enter the draw
Fancy scarf
Fancy flag
Seasonal tickets for the Jamil cup games
"Unified level"
"Excellent level"
Official set signed by a Hilal legend
Enter the draw
Enter the draw
Signed photo
Attend a game outside Hilal stadium! All expenses paid
Inside the Kingdom
Photo with the cup upon new victory
Specified days in the museum exclusively
Specified days in the museum exclusively

Mowj Al Hilal has the right to update some or all of it's features without prior notice, and the member should check this page for the latest updates. Notting that Mowj Al Hilal seeks to provide the best possible services and features.
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