About Mowj

MOWJ is a program designed carefully to suit the needs of all Al-Hilal fans, to distinguish and reward them with a wide range of options that they will find everywhere. You will have to choose on a daily basis what suits you best among dozens of offers and gifts offered by partners and participants of the program. Benefits include discounts and offers for everyone and various ages starting with restaurants and entertainment facilities and ending with major shopping retailers. You will also be able to visit the facilities of the club and live timeless moments in its famous museum and access games via your membership. Upon joining, you will receive a number of mementos from the Club as a special gift, and you will have privileges wherever you are in the kingdom, in the Gulf States, and the world. You can at any time learn more about the advantages of different categories; you will be blown away by the options.

When talking about football, the story that unites and separates people begins. When the largest, most popular game begins, unrivaled madness, passion and enthusiasm erupt. This is what turned football from a competition where 11 players are in the field, to stories about excitement, crowded stadiums and adoration, transmitted across generations.

MOWJ is an experiment that came from one of these fields, and because the ancient Hilal Club is the most popular and most adored team in the Kingdom, MOWJ brings you a new meaning to support, that does not adhere to the 90 minutes in the field, nor the 11 players on it. It does not require soccer practice for you to be the next star of the team, you do not even have to be a scorer to write your name on the plate pitch at the announcement of a goal.

MOWJ comes to reward Al-Hilal fans on their continuing loyalty and to share moments of glory with the team, and to complete the pride of the Al-Hilal team they will live it with them moment by moment. On the field during the games, in the club's facilities during exercise and while fans are waiting for a new victory. You can register through the site with ease, or get to know the advantages and partners of the program, you can also contact us or find one of the selling points. But joining the program will only take a few minutes, it only requires you being a fan of the team, and know how to wait for the rewards.

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